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My Skincare Experience with Esensi Botanical Skincare

One of our targets at Sample Beauty for 2018 is to spend more time developing our blog. It's Winter. It's cold and I'm sure our skin has suffered because of it which is why our first blog post of 2018 is going to be about an upcoming skincare brand called Esensi Botanical Skincare.

I have spent the past two months using some of their products religiously to give you the most detailed review possible about each product that they kindly sent to me to try out.

About The Brand
Esensi Botanical Skincare is a company based in the United Kingdom, founded in 2017 by Edward Campbell. As stated on their website, their philosophy is simple. Their products contain the purest botanically derived ingredients which naturally nurture your skin. They pride themselves on only including ingredients which have been proven to benefit the overall effectiveness of the product and for the problem that the product is formulated to target. There are no parabens of phthalates in the products either!

I love their philosophy! Why include ingredients that aren't going to benefit your skin?

They're also Cruelty Free and Vegan!
They have been accredited from PETA into their Beauty without Bunnies Program.

Before I get into the detail about each product, I need to mention the packaging.
The packaging is clean, elegant and simple but there is more to it.

Each product is packaged in special Miron violet glass bottles and jars. These jars preserve the active ingredients, ensuring they are as fresh as possible for your skin. How clever?

My Skin

To give you the best review possible, I wanted to document the journey as detailed as possible. I took before and after pictures to show the progress.

I'd like to note that I did not change any other product in my skincare routine during this two month period. I did not change my diet or daily routine either.


I have combination (dry-oily) and as you can see in the above image, I have acne-prone skin. The spots that I get are large and painful and always last longer than a week.

Before I started using the products, I went to my local skincare clinic and asked them to give me as much information about my skin as possible. They looked at my skin up close and scanned it to test hydration.

They stated that my T-Zone was extremely oily, my cheeks were extremely dehydrated and my pores were congested (as expected).
Her words: "I've never come across this extremity before".

Following that appointment, I started using the products every day, for two months. Here's a breakdown of the products and a description of my experience with them.

The Products

PHYTO PROACTIV Hyaluronic Vit C Hydrating Serum

This product claims to "transform your skin's complexion, deliver deep moisturisation and restore youthful luminosity and suppleness".

My experience: it does just that.

After toning my skin, I'd press three or four pumps of this product directly into my skin and let it sink in before applying my moisturiser. My dry-oily skin was instantly softer, more luminous and balanced. I did apply more product to my cheeks because of the severe dehydration mentioned previously.

The product sinks into your skin quickly and after application, it doesn't leave a sticky/shiny residue all over your face.

Hands-down, this is my favourite product in their collection.

PHYTO PROACTIV Retinol Moisture Complex SPF25

This product claims to "increase cell regeneration and restore collagen and elastin production" and "delivery intensive moisturisation to lift and firm your skin for a more youthful complexion".

My experience: although I can't comment on the increase in my cell regeneration, I can comment on the appearance and feel of my skin after using this. Out of the collection, this is my least favourite product. But wait, don't jump the gun and carry on scrolling. This product may be for you.

The severe oiliness in my t-zone hated this product but my cheeks loved it. My forehead couldn't absorb this cream product and left my forehead very shiny which is what I dislike about my forehead in the first place.

My cheeks absorbed it perfectly, leaving it looking plump and soft.

So if you have dry skin, you will adore this product!


PHYTO PROACTIV Pure Botanical BioActive Oil

This product claims to "help to significantly reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, ageing/damaged skin, acne, blemishes and uneven skin tone...and will arm your skin with a layer of defence against premature signs of aging whilst working at a cellular level to encourage collagen production resulting in a firm soft glowing complexion".

Again, I can't comment on the increase in collagen production but I agree with every other statement.

I used to religiously use Rosehip Oil every other day at night and it was my ride-or-die oil. But not anymore! Esensi's Pure Botanical Bioactive Oil has taken over.

After one use, my skin was visibly different. It was certainly more even and my scars had lightened. This was after one use!

and last, but not least...

PHYTO PROACTIV AHA Cellular Renewal Gel

This product is up there with my favourite.

This product claims to  "target imperfections, deeply nourish and renew dull and dehydrated skin, revealing a fresher, smoother and younger looking skin."

I agree with every single statement.

I'm only 23 years old so I never normally use products that claim to give me younger looking skin but after using this product, my opinion has changed.

My skin was instantly firmer and tighter but hydrated too. I get excited to use this product each morning and evening and it makes my foundation blend like a dream.

The serum sinks into my skin quickly, leaves my pores looking smaller, skin smoother and skin tighter.

What more could you want?


You have been waiting for the reveal of my skin now, right?

Take a look.

Before:                                             After:


As you can see, my skin is more balanced, I have less blemishes (woohoo!) and my skin is more radiant.

These products are an absolute game-changer.


You can get Prime Delivery on their Amazon too!


Thank you for reading!

Also, if you have any requests for blog posts and reviews, please let us know.