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Shade 7B Pigment - Matte Royal Blue

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Vegan | Cruelty Free | Multi-Use

A matte royal blue eyeshadow, also known as prussian blue eyeshadow.

Colour outside the lines with our cult blue eyeshadow. Use to create trend-led blue eyeliner, on its own for a monochrome look, or mix with other loose pigments to lend a blue tone.

How to Use:
- Use as a normal eyeshadow by tapping the product onto a wet base and blend out with a light hand. We advise using our Erase and Boost Base, which has been specifically formulated to be used with our products.
- Mix the pigment with our Multi-Use Setting Liquid to turn the pigment from powder into paint. Use the paint as eyeliner, face paint, body paint
- Mix the product with a clear gloss or lip balm (like Carmex) to create a coloured gloss
- Mix the pigment with our Erase and Boost Base, to create your own custom coloured base.

Note: All pigment shades are fully mixable. If you want to create your own custom pigment shades, use the lid of the jar to mix pigments. Rinse the lid of the jar after use.

Each pigment comes in a large (36mm wide), premium glass custom designed jar, providing you with luxury on the inside and outside.

The swatch image provided is of the pigment on top of our Erase and Boost Eyeshadow Base.


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Customer Reviews

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Bernadett Urai - Imre

Shade 7B Pigment - Matte Royal Blue

Michelle Sellars
Super pigmented

I adore this shade I love the vibrancy and they are so easy to use.

Absolutely Gorgeous!

I love doing colorful makeup, but I’ve had problems in the past with products looking too bland once I put them on (even when using concealer on my eyelids beforehand to make the colors pop).

Well anyway, pigments were kind of a game changer for me! This is actually the first pigment I’ve ever bought (from this brand or anywhere else) & I was a little nervous about applying it, but it turned out amazing — the color is so so vibrant! I usually wear it as an eyeliner (I’m not brave enough to do a full eyeshadow yet), and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it :))

It’s also pretty cool because while the container is kind of small, since you don’t need a lot of product to have a nice result, it takes a while to run out — I’ve had mine for a couple of months and it’s still almost full, even though I use it pretty regularly.

Tabata Paredes
I love pigmentation are amazing

I love pigmentation are amazing

Yadira Laureano
Super beautiful

Love que deep color when you mix it with the liquid

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Shade 7B Pigment - Matte Royal Blue