How did Sample Beauty start? 
Clodagh Bell founded Sample Beauty in June 2016 and she left a highly respected job as a Secondary Mathematics teacher in December 2017 to focus on and pursue her dream. Clodagh has always been obsessed with makeup and it fuelled her creative side by experimenting with it. 

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What is Clodagh's vision with Sample Beauty? 
Clodagh truly believes makeup is art. Every product designed by the Sample Beauty team is lead by this vision. People should be creative with makeup, inspire themselves, inspire each other and feel that creative freedom. There are no rules.

Why is Sample Beauty called Sample Beauty? 
Every product in our collection is designed to get your creative juices flowing. All of our products are multi-use. 
For example:
- you can use our eyeshadow palettes for eyeshadow, liner, brow definer, blusher and contour
- you can use our pigments as normal eyeshadow, eyeliner, matte lipstick, lipgloss, bronzer, brow product, face paint, body paint...

What is Sample Beauty's goal?  
We will continue to drive our motto of "MAKEUP IS ART. LET'S GET CREATIVE."
Makeup is a form of expression. Creativity is creativity. There are no rules in makeup. We want to give individuals the opportunity to get creative with cosmetics and support them with fuelling their creative freedom.



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