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Bel Air Pigment - Bright Matte Yellow


Vegan | Cruelty Free | Multi-Use

A bright matte yellow.

How to Use:
- Use as a normal eyeshadow by tapping the product onto a wet base and blend out with a light hand. We advise using our Erase and Boost Base, which has been specifically formulated to be used with our products.
- Mix the pigment with our Multi-Use Setting Liquid to turn the pigment from powder into paint. Use the paint as eyeliner, face paint, body paint
- Mix the product with a clear gloss or lip balm (like Carmex) to create a coloured gloss
- Mix the pigment with our Erase and Boost Base, to create your own custom coloured base.

Note: All pigment shades are fully mixable. If you want to create your own custom pigment shades, use the lid of the jar to mix pigments. Rinse the lid of the jar after use.

Each pigment comes in a large (36mm wide), premium glass custom designed jar, providing you with luxury on the inside and outside.

The swatch image provided is of the pigment on top of our Erase and Boost Base.

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Great :)

This amazing

This amazing I love it

Bel Air Loose Pigment

Absolutely LOVE IT!!! I'm always rocking those bold colors from Sample Beauty on campus!

When choosing your shade, choose your undertone:
Fudge: Dark (Perfect for Dark Hair)
Truffle: Warm (Perfect for Red Heads or Dark Hair That's Warm)
Chestnut: Neutral (Perfect for Blondes, Grey Hair or Dark Hair that's neutral)
Olive Brown: Neutral - Olive (Perfect for Blondes, Light Brown Hair, Balayage)
Pitch: Dark Brown/Black Hair Need help to choose your shade? Contact us.
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Bel Air Pigment - Bright Matte Yellow
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