'Grunge Glam' Ultimate Dip Starter Kit - 10 Piece Set (Black, Blue and Khaki)

Cruelty Free | Vegan

This is a full set, containing all products required to use the Sample Nails by Sample Beauty Dipping System.

This set includes: 5 Piece Liquid Set, 'My Soul' Dipping Powder (black), 'Serve' Dipping Powder (Khaki), 'Blue Me Away' Dipping Powder (Blue), Nail File & Buffer Set.

How to Use:
1) Apply the Primer (Bottle 1) to all nails.
2) Apply the Base Coat (Bottle 2) to your nail. When the Base Coat is still wet, dip your nail into the dipping powder. Tap off the excess. Use a fluffy brush to brush away excess powder from your finger and nail. Repeat for all nails.
3) Repeat step 2 (base, dip, tap, brush) to your nails, as required, to get your desired opacity.
4) Apply the Activator (Bottle 3) to all nails.
5) Use the Nail File and Buffer Set to file nails into shape. Buff the top of the nails with the buffer.

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