Pastel Perfect Dipping Nails Starter Kit– Sample Beauty
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Pastel Perfect Dipping Nails Starter Kit

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Cruelty Free | Vegan

This is a full set, containing all products required to use the Sample Nails by Sample Beauty Dipping System.

This set includes: 5 Piece Liquid Set, 'Hatch' Dipping Powder (Pastel Yellow), 'New Beginnings' Dipping Powder (Pastel Purple), 'Abloom' Dipping Powder (Pastel Pink), 'Raindrop' Dipping Powder (Pastel Blue), Nail File & Buffer Set.

How to Use:
1) Apply the Primer (Bottle 1) to all nails.
2) Apply the Base Coat (Bottle 2) to your nail. When the Base Coat is still wet, dip your nail into the dipping powder. Tap off the excess. Use a fluffy brush to brush away excess powder from your finger and nail. Repeat for all nails.
3) Repeat step 2 (base, dip, tap, brush) to your nails, as required, to get your desired opacity.
4) Apply the Activator (Bottle 3) to all nails.
5) Use the Nail File and Buffer Set to file nails into shape. Buff the top of the nails with the buffer.

Customer Reviews

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Tara Draper
Pastel dipping nails

Wow, really impressed with these products. High quality and so easy to use. I can’t believe how good my nails looked. Will definitely be buying more coloured powders.

Molly McGlew

Pastel Perfect Dipping Nails Starter Kit

Fantastically easy

I’ve been getting my nails done for years (£45 a pop every 4 to 6 wks for dipping - removal, re-do & a £5 tip). During lockdown I stumbled across this on Insta & thought - for a few quid more & cruelty free why not try it? Best decision. EVER! Great quality (the mini vid doesn’t do it justice), you get a lot of product. The colours are adorable. But lets talk about and the PRICE! I got this kit for £50 and I would honestly pay full whack. Once I got the hang of it (I watched alot of YT vids) the latest set has lasted nearly 4 wks. I also bought another set (Basic B) because it’s such good value for money. Looking forward to Sample extending their colour range & saving myself over £300 a year :)

Sophie Welbourn
Takes practice but worth it

My first attempt was a disaster (thick, lumpy and lasted a couple of days), the second attempt the nails were thinner, lasted a week and then started to lift. On my third attempt now and they’ve now lasted almost two weeks with no chips or cracks. Really important to prep the nail and make sure it’s clean with no oils to stop any lifting and also make sure to brush off excess dust after dipping (let it set for 30secs first!) otherwise you get thick clumpy nails. Do not be afraid with the filing and buffing either! You can really go to town on it. Takes a couple of goes to get it looking good but definitely worth the effort and practice! Also the colours are great.

Nino Esiashvili
It’s ok

I’ve been getting SNS (dipping powder) at salons for months and they would last at least 4 weeks so I decided to get this during lockdown. I’m not a professional but following all the steps, this only lasts about 2 days on my nails. It starts lifting and cracking quite quick but it might be just me :/

Pastel Perfect Dipping Nails Starter Kit