The Pro Black Brush Set– Sample Beauty
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The Pro Black Brush Set

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The 18 Piece Pro Black Brush Set is a collection of makeup brushes.
The makeup brush set contains a mix of 5 Natural and 13 Synthetic bristles, developed and collated to help you colour outside the lines.
PB01 - Eyeliner Brush (Synthetic)
PB02 - Small Angled Brush for Brows (Synthetic)
PB03 - Tiny Flat Brush (Synthetic)
PB04 - Pointed Brush (Synthetic)
PB05 - Extra Small Flat (Synthetic)
PB06 - Small Flat (Synthetic)
PB07 - Large Angled Brush (Synthetic)
PB08 - Medium Flat Brush (Synthetic)
PB09 -  Medium Flat Brush with Straight Top (Synthetic)
PB10 - Blending Brush (Natural)
PB11 - Blending Brush (Synthetic)
PB12 - Flat Angled Fluffy Brush (Synthetic)
PB13 - Large Flat Brush - PERFECT for highlight (Natural)
PB14 - Large Flat Brush For Primer/Foundation (Synthetic)
PB15 - Medium Angled Brush (Contour) (Natural)
PB16 - Small Pointed Dome Brush (Natural)
PB17 - Cream Contour Brush (Synthetic)
PB18 - Large Pointed Dome Brush (Powder/Pat on Foundation) (Natural)

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The Pro Black Brush Set